Cafe Kreme is a Gauteng and Cape Town based beverage solutions business. We focus on tailor made coffee solutions based on the client's specific needs.

Our core values are based on superior customer service, we endeavour to delight our clients from the first meeting and throughout our business relationship.

We are proud of our coffee blends that are perfectly roasted in a "GMP, SAFSIS" accredited facility; the blends are specifically nurtured to provide a smooth easy drinking pure coffee, perfect for the corporate environment.

Cafe Kreme has a vast range of customers that include a high percentage of corporate clients; we also provide solutions to restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and various other "HORECA" establishments.

We provide a full range of equipment (free on loan or rental). Our solutions include a range of mineral water that is available in still and sparkling, branded or generic.

Cafe Kreme boasts an impressive 20 plus years of solid coffee trade experience, this allows an in depth understanding of your beverage requirements based on volume, location, needs and aspirations.