We like to imagine that the Big Bang was a single coffee bean exploding, unlocking infinite energy and giving life to everything we know today. If only this were true… 


Automatic coffee machines enable you to deliver consistent, high-quality coffee at a touch of a button.


Our tailored bean to cup coffee machine solutions brings the coffee shop experience to workplaces and attendant-free locations without the fuss or expense.

Business Solutions

Café Kreme has been the preferred beverage service provider in the corporate, office and work environment for the past 15 years. We can supply small automatic coffee machines through to large coffee vending machines and manage your maintenance and consumable delivery. Buy, or enjoy coffee machine rental options.

  • Wide Assortment
  • Excellent Grinding
  • Awesome Aroma
  • High Quality
  • Proper Roasting
  • Pure Grades

Roasted Coffee
for Your Mood

We offer a choice of bean to cup coffee and instant blends to make sure you meet your budget and sustainability goals.

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Our Ambassadors Say

Amazing koffie. Amazing diens. Ek beveel hulle enige tyd aan..

Karlien van Jaarsveld

Hierdie koffie is ongelooflik lekker. Die beste manier om jou dag te begin.

Bobby van Jaarsveld

Always have the best experience at Cafè Kreme! Would definitely recommend it!.

Phillecia Kriel Cafe Kreme
Phillecia Kriel

Best coffee in SA! Great service as well..

Dewald Wasserfall cafe kreme
Dewald Wasserfall

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Brewing Up Sanity: Why Moms Need Coffee

At Café Kreme, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of moms and the vital role that coffee plays in their daily lives. From the first sip of morning brew to the shared laughter with fellow moms, coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a lifeline that fuels, sustains, and connects.
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